As Race Season Approaches

As spring is in the air and the triathlon race season will be quickly upon us, it's time to begin planning your "A race." Yes, it might seem early, if your looking at a Fall or even Summer race, but, those with the most success begin the planning process now. Preparation is key for a solid performance. 

Start by working backward from the date of your A race. Note the dates of your big, "key" workouts (3x bricks, long race paced efforts, etc) and plan out any travel/vacation time you are planning. Then, mark the date you are going to preview the course, and solicit any friends or training partners you are going to do this with. Think about your accommodations, if you have to travel: hotel or rental house, cost, availability, water temperature...

All of this is best done with  your coach. From this framework, they can help you begin to dial in your big blocks of training and the specific objectives/take aways from each of those blocks. Also, plan though your "B" and "C" races as well. what are the objectives for each of those efforts? Is it a specific swim time, run pace, power numbers on the bike? You see, to bring out your personal best at your designated "A race", each step leading up to the event should have a purpose that will ensure you meet your goals and beyond. Work with your coach on everything from travel dates, lodging, and mental preparation (of course, this includes training objectives and numbers) well in advance to make things less stressful and more doable as your event approaches. All the while, remember: there is no substitute for proper planning preparation. 

Happy racing in 2015!