Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Welcome to the official launch of Tri-Active Endurance! I am extremely excited about what 2015 holds for us and more importantly, for you, our athletes, partners, affiliates, and any other interested parties.


After spending 17 years as a mental health practitioner, I decided to bring my craft to the endurance community and marry my passion for endurance sports with my expertise in motivating people to set goals, break through barriers, and become the best that can be.

In 2010, after I completed my first Ironman event, a friend approached me and asked if I would coach/train her through her first olympic distance triathlon (I had been "helping" a few friends with some running workouts and writing plans for them to complete local 5 and 10k's, 1/2 marathons, and sprint triathlons for a few years previous).  She had a reasonable amount of success in that event and felt she had made some improvements with the program that we had put together for her. Shortly afterward, I was introduced to another friend who told me he had recently discovered running and wanted to qualify for the Boston Marathon (I had just run Boston a few weeks prior). He had been running for 4 months. He proceeded to tell me how he would go to there track and run for 20miles without knowing what he was doing, or why, other than it made him feel good. He asked I could help. I responded saying, I didn't know, but I did know that anyone who ran 20 miles at a track was either crazy, or incredibly tough, mentally. It turns out he is a perfect combination of both!

After running is first marathon (San Francisco) in 3:30 something, and taking another friend's bib for the Oakland 1/2 marathon and reaching the podium, we set our sites on Boston. In December that year after less than 6 months of training, he came up 48 seconds shy of his qualifying time of 3:10. After, getting over his initial disappointment, he decided he wanted to give triathlon a shot. After completing his first sprint triathlon in 1:01 he got the bug and registered for his first Ironman. 

I have been incredibly blessed to have these two rockstar athletes fall into my lap, and I still work with them exclusively today. One is a Southwest Regional Champion and the other an Ironman All World Athlete, and each continue to dedicate themselves to becoming just a little bit better each day. Because of their success, word of mouth began to spread and the phone started to ring.

In 2012 after completing a tough race season of my own which included Ironman Cour D'Alene, Ironman  Arizona, Ironman Oceanside70.3, and a few local races, I started to give some consideration to coaching on a full-time basis. The feedback I was getting from my athletes (there were over 10 now) was fantastic and the results spoke for themselves. Between podium finishes and PR's  everyone was "reaching their peak" at that time.  

After over a year of contemplation and trepidation in September 2014, I pulled the trigger and gave notice at my "paying job." to begin the journey that has become Tri-Active Endurance.  I hope you will join me.